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Travel Diaper Bag

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Making sure your little one is taken care of is a full time job. Leaving the house with your precious baby is another story.  Leaving the house wondering, did I forget anything? Carrying everything out to the car, how will I get this all in my purse? The list goes on. It's exhausting.  Your diaper bag is an invaluable item and a lifeline when leaving the house. Our bag will make your life so much easier. 

Having a private, clean, and controlled environment for your child can sometimes be the difference between a cranky baby and a happy one. That's why at Real Dealz Store, we teamed up with experts and developed this backpack that has a built-in bed for your baby, anywhere, and anytime! Extensive storage makes for smooth travel with your baby. 

To no surprise our bags are selling fast! Don't miss your chance to buy yours on sale. We are offering 50% off on the next 30 sales. 

Don't have a baby? This bag makes for a great gift this holiday season. 



Three Insulated Bottle Compartments

  ✅ Keep your important meals warm or cold
    ✅ You can pack multiple meals for your baby

"You will be wondering where this was for your first child, I ❤️ this bag!" - Cheryl S.


Does your current diaper bag have this much space?

✅ High Capacity Storage 

Made With High Quality Waterproof Oxford Cloth



  • Compact  and Light Weight (less than 1.5kg / 3.3lbs)
  • Measures 12” x 17” with 7” Deep. The Bed Expanded Measures 30” Wide.
  • Expandable Into a Bed for Babies up to 16 Months!
  • Durable and Waterproof Oxford Material.
  • Thermal Bottle Storage Keeps Temperatures In Control.
  • A Mattress Pad included With Each Bag.
  • Straps Onto Any Standard Stroller.
  • Multiple Compartments - Wipes Holder, Phone Holder, Bottle Storage, Pampers, and More!