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Electric Gua Sha Facial Massager

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. This ancient Chinese healing technique may offer a unique approach to better health, addressing issues like chronic pain.

Introducing the Electric Gua Sha Facial Massager™️

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✅ SMOOTH LINES AND WRINKLES: Release facial muscle tension that causes expression lines & wrinkles

✅ IMPROVE ELASTICITY: Stimulate blood flow to improve overall tone & radiance of skin

✅ LIFT AND CONTOUR: Promote lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins & reduce puffiness/inflammation/dark circles. Features appear more lifted & defined

✅ TENSION RELIEF: Scraping massage releases tension in muscles tissue, providing relief from headaches/tmj & an overall feeling of relaxation

✅ PRODUCT ABSORPTION: Heat, sonic vibrations & a scraping massage action enhance the absorption of your favorite skincare products 


The Science Behind Great Results

Two Modes To Match Your Goals


Real Results

"I am familiar with Gua Sha and was excited to see a new device that added some electric vibration and heating application, it was a must order for me! Here's my before and after over 1 month. My primary focus of use and application was my jaw line. Growing up I wanted to have a slimmer firm v shape jaw line and no matter what I ate or how far I ran I couldn't make a noticeable difference. Thank you for this amazing tool!" - Tracy S, Encinitas CA

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"My sister bought this for me as a gift as she knows I was frustrated trying so many other treatments and ointments to reduce my wrinkles and dark puffy eyes. I was surprised how great this feels when using it. You can feel your blood flowing into areas like never before. I wasn't sure if I really saw results after the first use but definitely after the 2nd one I started to notice the difference. I love this Gua Sha device!" - Susan D. Daytona Beach, FL

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